You can download the latest version of molmaster from here.

In order to run molmaster, you will need a recent version of the java run time - we know it works with 1.3 or greater - but you'll definitely something >=1.2.

You can acquire the latest version from Sun here.

You'll also need the java3d runtime files. You can get them from here or locally (below). It's a small download and install. Note that you must download java3d 1.3 - for linux users, this means you'll have to use the beta version for now.

Once you've got that done, you can start using molmaster. Download the following zip or tar file, and execute molmaster.bat( windows ) or ( unix ), and you're done!


Native libraries:

Extract these into your molmaster directory

molmaster is copyright (C) 2002 - UW Department of Chemistry.
All rights reserved.

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